My hearing is always bad, what's going on?

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Normal people’s hearing tends to decline after the age of 30. Usually, 6% to 10% of people aged 65 to 75 experience conscious hearing loss, and some elderly people even suffer from complete deafness.

My hearing is always very poor, what’s going on?
First go to the hospital or a professional hearing shop for an examination to determine what is causing it. If drug treatment is not possible, hearing aids must be used as soon as possible to prevent continued decline. You must go to a professional fitting shop for a fitting.

Generally, as age increases, hearing gradually declines, collectively referred to as presbycusis. It is characterized by high-frequency decline, which manifests as hearing sounds but not clearly understanding the content. If the elderly's hearing does not suddenly decline due to disease or other reasons, it usually begins to decline gradually several years ago, but the boundary between quantitative change and qualitative change appears this year. If the elderly with hearing loss do not choose hearing aids in time, and their family members try to avoid talking to them because they have difficulty communicating with them, the elderly will easily become dazed, immersed in their own world, and become irritable over time (because they cannot hear and their family members do not understand) ). There are even studies showing that the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly is closely related to hearing loss. Properly selected hearing aids can help the elderly communicate to a certain extent, and can effectively maintain the elderly's hearing and speech functions. After the hearing loss has declined to the point where it is difficult to hear even shouting, the effect of wearing a hearing aid at that time will not be good, because it has not been able to process so many sounds for too long, and the function of the brain has deteriorated. In addition, the elderly are older and it is difficult to rebuild the function. Easy.

Many people think that wearing hearing aids will cause hearing loss. In fact, this is a huge misunderstanding!
When the hearing-impaired do not pay attention to hearing problems, they will actually cause serious hearing damage and accelerate the degeneration of the auditory nervous system. Hearing and vision are the same. Both need to test the degree of loss to choose a hearing aid that suits you. This can help slow down the speed of deafness. No matter what the cause of hearing loss is, when choosing hearing aids, they must be chosen scientifically and worn professionally.

When using hearing aids, a comprehensive examination must be carried out by a professional hearing aid. According to the different degrees of hearing loss of each person, the type of hearing aid to be selected must not be purchased by oneself. Wear it to avoid damaging your residual hearing.

Some people find that their hearing is getting worse since wearing hearing aids. What is going on?
  Some patients wear hearing aids too casually. For example, they like to play the hearing aid too loudly. Although they can indeed hear more sounds when wearing them, over time, it is actually equivalent to noise damage to the ears. As a result, hearing becomes worse and worse.
Secondly, the patient himself has progressive hearing loss, such as: typical large vestibule, Meniere's disease, or presbycusis, etc. These hearing losses themselves will continue or suddenly decline, and whether they wear it or not Hearing aids don't matter.

Thirdly, hearing involves psychoacoustics. After you get used to wearing a hearing aid, you will have a little psychological dependence. There will be an illusion that your hearing is not as good as before after taking it off. In fact, if you do a professional hearing test, there will be no difference in hearing before and after. Different.

Of course, if you find that your hearing is getting worse recently, you must seek medical treatment in time to strive for the best treatment time. When it is confirmed that there is no cure, a professional hearing aid fitter should be selected as soon as possible for scientific testing and fitting. Choose a hearing aid that suits your hearing needs. If you need to choose Signia (Siemens) hearing aids or ReSound hearing aids, please look for the officially authorized center.