What symptoms can tell if an old man’s ears are bad?

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Presbycusis refers to the progressive hearing loss that occurs gradually with age. This kind of deafness will gradually worsen. Generally, mild cases will only affect normal auditory function, but patients with more severe deafness will There may also be complete loss of hearing. It is a common senile disease. This is also a problem often encountered in the aging process of human organs.

What symptoms can tell that an old man’s ears are bad?

The elderly's high-frequency hearing continues to decline, and as it progresses, full-frequency hearing loss will occur, leading to presbycusis. Severe deafness will cause the elderly to have difficulty communicating with others, making the elderly become increasingly withdrawn.

Therefore, when the elderly experience more than half of the following phenomena, they may have mild or more than mild hearing impairment and should actively seek medical treatment.
1. I often feel that others are mumbling and speaking unclearly.
2. Often ask others to repeat what they say.
3. I often find it difficult to hear clearly what children and women are saying.
4·I often hear others talking, but cannot clearly hear what they are saying.
5. Often avoid attending social situations due to hearing loss.
6. Always turn up the volume of the TV or radio very loudly.
7·You often can’t hear the chirping of birds in the countryside.
8·I often don’t hear others calling from behind.
9. Often ignore the ringing phone or doorbell.

Presbycusis is hearing loss caused by age or various factors. Poor hearing will cause many inconveniences in their daily lives, such as hearing impairment, communication disorders, and Alzheimer's disease. People who suffer from presbycusis and hearing loss are unwilling to talk about their difficulties and are unwilling to wear hearing aids for fear of the impact. Children's work and life, and not being able to hear what others are saying will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly. After a long time, they will not be willing to interact with others, and may even have doubts or suspicions, and their mood will become very depressed. Some elderly people will become withdrawn in character. Weirdness, irritability, etc. Hearing aids are also a very good product that can solve the problem of presbycusis. It can help them enjoy listening to music, watching TV, listening to the radio, and answering the phone again. At least being able to hear "other people's talking sounds" is the most It is important to understand the various sounds in daily life. Let us take more care of the health of the elderly and take preventive measures in advance so that they can live happier lives in their later years.

Avoid drug poisoning and prevent colds. Colds often cause dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, which can lead to hearing loss. It is crucial to avoid noise exposure as much as possible, especially prolonged and high-volume noise stimulation. Live a regular life and avoid long-term sleep deprivation, excessive mental stress, and unstable mood swings, which can cause hearing damage. Many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., can also cause hearing loss.We must actively prevent it.

Hearing experts specially remind: After discovering that the elderly have hearing loss, they should go to the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible to test the hearing of the elderly and select hearing aids to provide hearing aids. A colorful old life for the elderly with declining hearing aids! Fitting and wearing appropriate hearing aids is the most realistic way to solve the problem of hearing loss so far.