10 best rechargeable hearing aids

Cost-Friendly Hearing Options: Examining Cost Effective Hearing Tools Cost effective hearing aids are a considerable concern for many people dealing with The high expen


Investigation into ear-damaging behaviors during holidays丨Have you been caught?

Are you having fun during the holidays? Whether you're high or not, the vacation is almost over. During the holidays, many people indulge themselves in staying up late,


If a child has poor hearing, can he go to school normally?

At present, the most common reasons are related to drug abuse, congenital inheritance, infection, gene mutation, middle ear disease, etc. If you find that your baby has


What are the manifestations of hearing loss at high frequencies?

Hearing loss is what we call hearing loss in our daily life. Once people suffer from hearing loss, it will not only affect people's normal life, but may also cause cert


Is there any invisible hearing loss?

Hearing loss is not exclusive to the elderly. According to statistics released by the World Health Organization, approximately 1.1 billion young people aged 12-35 world


Will wearing headphones for a long time affect your hearing? what to do?

Headphones are also a digital product that everyone often comes into contact with. I often see them on the streets, big and small, worn for walking, cycling, working, e


The hearing test shows serious high-frequency loss, what should I do?

Many people are unaware that their hearing is being damaged or lost, and having their hearing checked is the first step to attract early attention and prevent deafness.


How is earwax formed? Will not cleaning it for a long time affect hearing?

Earwax is professionally called “cerumen”. Normal cerumen is dry and flaky, and will fall off with changes in head position, movement, and chewing movements. Cerumen ex


What should we do if our ears can’t hear the sound?

Physical health is closely related to hearing ability. In multiple studies, researchers measured the health of deaf elderly people, then fitted them with hearing aids.