If a child has poor hearing, can he go to school normally?

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At present, the most common reasons are related to drug abuse, congenital inheritance, infection, gene mutation, middle ear disease, etc. If you find that your baby has hearing problems, you must go to the hospital to check the hearing in time, diagnose the cause and current situation of hearing loss, and make timely and effective intervention measures. Prevent the problems of backward intellectual development caused by hearing impairment.

Can a child with poor hearing enter school normally?
According to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Education of Disabled Persons": Article 7 Preschool education institutions, schools of all levels and types and other educational institutions shall implement education for persons with disabilities in accordance with these regulations and relevant national laws and regulations. Applications for admission by persons with disabilities who meet the conditions stipulated in laws and regulations shall not be refused admission. If your baby has received hearing treatment and intervention and can communicate normally after wearing hearing devices such as cochlea or hearing aids, he can go to any school. However, if the baby cannot communicate verbally, from the perspective of the baby's language rehabilitation, it is still recommended to go to a specialized language training school, which is conducive to the recovery of the baby's speech function.

However, parents may have to worry more about their children’s studies. To be honest, my mother has been teaching me in kindergarten and elementary school since I can remember. According to my teacher, Mom said that I could memorize the poems I learned when I was a child even before the teacher taught me (taught by my mother). Later in junior high school, my mother couldn’t teach me, so I had to teach myself. In high school, I chose seats based on my grades. I always chose the first row and reluctantly listened. I got some education, then university, and am currently studying for graduate school.

It depends on the degree of hearing loss. If a child cannot communicate normally, it is unlikely that he will be able to attend school normally. It is recommended that parents first go to a professional fitting center to choose hearing aids, and then parents take their children to a professional language training school. Once the children can communicate normally, they can go to school normally. Children's hearing follows the three early principles: early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention. Only deaf children can return to mainstream society.

It is suggested that if the child is young, parents should look for other options, such as enrolling the child in a calligraphy class, a dance class, etc., to learn skills, after all If your hearing is not good, you may not be able to communicate well at work in the future, so you should develop an interest in which you can make a living later and have less communication.

Can children recover from poor hearing?
1. We usually hear doctors say that children have neurological deafness. Most neurological deafness is caused by cochlear hearing loss. Damage causes hearing dysfunction. This kind of deafness is actually called sensorineural deafness in medical terms. Sensory deafness is caused by the capillaries in the inner ear.Hearing impairment caused by cell damage or necrosis cannot be used in clinical treatment, so you must not believe many irresponsible newspaper advertisements.

2. For acquired deafness caused by hair cell damage that occurs for a short period of time, drug treatment can achieve the purpose of partially or fully restoring hearing; but for congenital and long-term hearing loss, the hearing level is fixed and exceeds For 3 months of sensorineural deafness, there is currently no clinical method to regenerate hair cells, which means that it is impossible to restore hearing through drug treatment. Rehabilitation treatment can only be carried out through hearing aids or cochlear implants.

If a child’s hearing is not good, it must be treated in time, which will be beneficial to the child’s future growth and development. Understand the reasons for your child’s hearing loss, and you can treat it accordingly. If your child has poor hearing, don't take your child to a noisy place to avoid secondary damage to the child's ears.