Why does the old man suddenly lose hearing tinnitus in his right ear?

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The key hair cells responsible for hearing in the human ear are about 12,000 and cannot be regenerated. Different hair cells are responsible for different frequencies of sound vibration. When the number of damaged cilia reaches a certain level, hearing damage will occur, and the sounds in this frequency band will never be heard.

Why does the old man suddenly lose hearing tinnitus in his right ear?
It may be sudden hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus and requires prompt medical treatment. Check and treat within 72 hours. The sooner, the better the effect.
From the perspective of pathological analysis, there are four main causes of sudden deafness: sudden damage to hair cells, insufficient blood supply to microvessels (people with high blood sugar and high blood lipids are prone to this), nerve damage, and membranous labyrinth infection. Water accumulation (prone to people who stay up late, drink alcohol, or are stressed).
From daily life, emotional excitement, drinking, overwork, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. can easily cause sudden deafness.
Especially for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes aged 45 to 60, their blood vessels are in poor condition and are easily blocked. Once sudden deafness occurs, it will be more serious and they may not be able to hear the full range of sounds.

If you have the following symptoms, be careful whether you have sudden deafness!
1. Sudden hearing loss
2. Tinnitus
3. Feeling of fullness and fullness in ears
4. Dizziness or dizziness
5. Hyperacusis or hard of hearing
6. Abnormal sensation around the ears (common in patients with total deafness)

7. Some patients will have mental and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, sleep disorders, etc., which affect the quality of life

When the above symptoms occur, they must be treated in time. The golden time for treatment is 24 days Within hours, preferably within a week, if the treatment is timely, the probability of cure is 60%-70%, but if it is delayed for more than three months, it may cause lifelong deafness.

If you suddenly lose hearing in one ear, there are several possibilities. For example, if this happens suddenly after catching a cold or blowing your nose hard, you should consider the possibility of otitis media. Otitis media usually involves a feeling of swelling and pain in the ear, or pain in the ear. You can check the condition inside the ear canal. If you find congestion in the ear canal and tympanic membrane, you should consider acute otitis media. If there is no obvious congestion in the ear canal, and the tympanic membrane is inverted without obvious congestion, you should consider secretory otitis media, which is caused by the obstruction of the tube between the nose and the ear. In addition, if you find a large piece of cerumen in the ear canal when checking the ear canal, this kind of cerumen will press the eardrum after the ear is soaked in water and softened, resulting in a sudden loss of hearing. Taking it out can relieve this problem. symptoms. Another type is sudden neurological hearing loss. The ear canal is normal when checked, and the tympanic membrane is also normal. A hearing test is required for further judgment. If the diagnosis is sudden hearing loss, you need to seek medical treatment within 72 hours. Do not Missing the best treatment time affects the prognosis.

Doctors remind us that in addition to organic diseases, we should also pay attention to factors such as vascular diseases in sudden deafness. Deafness is no longer just for the elderly. The incidence rate of young people who like to stay up late, have high work pressure, and have irregular diets is gradually increasing. Although the cure rate of this disease is relatively high, once the best treatment time is missed, it may cause permanent Sexual loss of partial hearing or complete deafness.