Will temper and stress affect deafness?

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The ears are an important organ for us to perceive the world. Sometimes bad living habits can lead to hearing loss or even hearing loss. However, we often ignore the protection of hearing. Remind everyone: If you suddenly experience symptoms such as hearing loss, tinnitus, ear pain, or ear tightness, you should seek medical attention immediately. For tinnitus and sudden deafness, initial treatment has the best effect, and recovery will be better.

Will a strong temper and stress affect deafness?
With the accelerated pace of life, excessive fatigue, long-term mental stress, and mood swings have become obvious causes of sudden deafness in recent years. Research has found that mood swings and mental stress may cause spasm and contraction of capillaries throughout the body, causing severe slowdown of blood flow in the inner ear blood vessels, causing microcirculation disorders, resulting in hypoxia for the auditory nerve in the inner ear, leading to sudden deafness. Therefore, to maintain a healthy body and hearing, you must consciously stabilize your emotions, ensure a good mentality and living condition, avoid getting angry and ecstatic, and learn to relax and reduce stress reasonably.

The number of new patients with sudden deafness in my country is expected to reach 100,000 every year
The induction of sudden deafness is closely related to stress and pace of life. People aged 40 to 50 years old It is more common among people, but due to the influence of modern life, its incidence trend is obviously younger. Director Yu said that judging from the patients received, sudden deafness caused purely by acquired learning and living environment, the youngest is only a teenager.

There are many causes of sudden deafness, so it is often difficult to determine the cause in a short period of time. The main causes of sudden deafness in children are viral infections and genetic diseases. In remote and impoverished areas, the use of ototoxic drugs is also a common cause of sudden deafness. Because children do not know how to express themselves, children's sudden deafness is most likely to be ignored. Parents should pay more attention to their children's sensitivity to sound. If they find any abnormalities, they should go to the hospital in time.

With early treatment, the complete cure rate for sudden deafness can reach 40% to 50%
Sudden deafness comes fiercely, in addition to symptoms such as hearing loss, tinnitus and ear fullness. , 50% of patients will be accompanied by dizziness. According to Director Yu, many patients with sudden deafness who are accompanied by dizziness will first go to the neurology department for examination. When the dizziness symptoms improve, they often discover hearing loss after a few weeks of onset, and then come to the otolaryngology department for treatment. In this way, they miss the best opportunity. Healing period. Deafness can be temporary, but it can also be permanent. The key depends on the patient's understanding of the condition and timely medical treatment. Clinically, after sudden deafness occurs, the improvement rate of early treatment is more than 80%, and the complete cure rate can reach 40%-50%.

Therefore, doctors emphasize that if dizziness or tinnitus suddenly occurs, you must pay attention to observe whether there is hearing loss. You must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. The time for treating sudden deafness is very limited and precious, so patients must not ignore it.

Be aware of hearing loss caused by noise in daily life
After long-term use of Walkmans, people with a history of noise exposure are more likely to suffer from hearing loss than those without a history of noise exposure is 30% higher. The early stage of noise-induced deafness often results in high-frequency hearing loss, which is not easy to detect. It is not until the disease progresses further that the low and mid-frequency areas that affect speech recognition are discovered by the patient, often delaying the best treatment time.

Ensure a good mentality and a stable living state, and learn to relax and decompress reasonably. Generally, in the case of certain emergencies such as the stock market crash, the number of patients with sudden deafness will also increase. This is caused by people's insufficient psychological endurance. Emotions should be stable and avoid anger and ecstasy, because these can cause the body's nervous and humoral regulation to lose balance, causing blood circulation disorders in the ears and causing deafness. Finally, I would like to remind everyone: if you want to have good hearing, you must have a good temper.

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